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About us

Holly Hops is owned and managed by Holly Saunders who has had a life long passion for all things furred and feathered.

Having been brought up on a small holding, surrounded by pretty much every animal you can think of, it was inevitable that Holly would always work with animals.


After studying at St Andrew’s University, Holly moved back to Edinburgh and started working for the Dundas Veterinary Group. After 7 years at Dundas Veterinary Group she was approached by an East Lothian practice to be Practice Manager where she spent 4 very happy years.


In 2003 Holly and her husband moved to Ayrshire where she has dedicated herself to bringing up her children as well as looking after all the family pets, which include :3 dogs, a cat, 3 alpacas, Shetland pony, 11 rabbits (2 are British Giants & 5 are Continental Giants), 2 Guinea Pigs, 2 hamsters, a tortoise, hens, ducks, quail, a tank of fish and even a giant frog who lives in her son’s bedroom!

Holly Hop herself!

Now that both her children are of school age, Holly has more time to devote to more animals and wants to ensure that small furries are well looked after while their owners are away.


Holly Hops Small Animal Boarding is a luxury establishment offering first class accommodation for small animals.

We offer a wide variety of hutches from 3 to 6 feet in length to suit all sizes of pets.  Guinea Pigs and Rabbits also have the opportunity to go outside in safe outdoor runs with individual shelters on clement days.


Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are sensitive animals with astute senses and complicated digestive systems. With this in mind we ask owners to provide their pet’s own food so as not to upset their gut flora.  We offer Wagg or Chudleys Rabbit food as standard for rabbits and Pets at Home Guinea Pig Nuggets.


We regret we cannot stock too many brands as once opened they loose their Vitamin C content rapidly. We do however, supply fresh fruit and vegetables including carrots, apples and romaine lettuce and plenty of fresh soft hay for bedding and food.